Delhi School Business practices value-based sharing of knowledge. Our core values are:

  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in all of our activities: teaching, research, scholarship and service.
  • Integrity: We follow integrity- fairness, truthfulness, transparency – in all our activities and conduct.
  • Diversity: We respect individuality and individual freedom and inclusion of all for the institutional success and multiplicity of its character.
  • Service: We strive to serve all our stakeholders, community and the nation honestly and faithfully.
  • Creativity: We encourage and recognize creativity and innovations through critical and out-of-box thinking.
  • Empathy: We seek to understand and respect the feeling, thoughts, attitudes or emotions of others.
  • Social Responsibility: We place high value to our responsibility towards the betterment of the society

Values Proposition

Delhi School Business to the PGDM applicants, who wish to build their careers in business management and aspire to join reputed organizations in competition with the best students of other institutes, Delhi School of Business (DSB), through its unique integrated curriculum, oriented towards skill development to meet the practical needs of the industry and delivered by the top faculty (including former IIM professors and faculty trained from IIMs and other reputed Universities/institutes),  offers the art and craft of business education which blends together entrepreneurial mind-set, international outlook, innovation, creativity, social responsibility and ethics. The DSB PGDM is an international program as it includes International Economics and Business certificate course delivered by highly ranked National University of Singapore (NUS) faculty. The distinctively differentiated PGDM of DSB with its extensive industry connection will provide an opportunity to the students in undertaking internships and final job placements in the reputed organizations.

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