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The future of management education finds its relevance in a multi-disciplinary learning, experiential teaching-learning approach and focus on having a glocal impact.

While DSB's core is built on quality teaching, research and academic rigor, our sole focus is on honing students with the right balance of knowledge and innovation skills. At a time when the industry throws up challenges like never before, it cannot be addressed merely by education. It needs a thinking mind with creative instincts and tenacity.

At DSB, we enable your intellectual growth by keeping you at the epicentre of all that we do. Our dynamic curriculum keeps you in steps with the latest in the world of business and imparts in you the analytical and entrepreneurial abilities essential for the next in the industry. Our innovative pedagogy inspires you to reason critically, think creatively and develop the skillsets needed to produce innovative solutions to modern-day challenges, thus transforming you into the leaders of tomorrow.

Drawing upon my 3-decade long experience within academia and the modern industry, I invite you to join us and unleash your best in an invigorating environment. Because in a research-oriented institute like ours, you are put at the forefront of intellectual growth so that you can spearhead tomorrow's business developments.

Onwards & upwards, always!

Dr. Rajiv R. Thakur

Director and Professor of Strategic Management and IB