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Research Papers (Scopus or Web of Science)

Modelling the enablers of e-trading adoption in agricultural marketing: A TISM based analysis of eNAM
The impact of E-trading on wholesale prices of select agricultural commodities
Role of Mindfulness for Leadership Communication during COVID-19
Examing Antededents Affecting Indian Consumer's Adoption of Mobile Apps
Factors Affecting Consumer Adoptions of Mobile Apps in NCR: A Qualitative Study
Mindful Effect of User-Centered Design on Brand Image and Brand Equity
Mindfulness, mindful consumption, and life satisfaction

Book Chapters

Examining Adoption of eNAM Platform for Transforming Agricultural Marketing in India

conference publications

Comparative analysis of data modeling approaches to envisage bank telemarketing behavior
Mindful Consumption: Factorial Invariance and group differences
COVID-19 Fake News Identification (CFNI)
ConvGRUText: A Deep Learning Method for Fake Text Detection on Online Social Media
Identifying Clusters of Mobile App Users in NCR
Identifying Discriminating Factors Between High & Low Mobile App Usage in NCR
Negative brand experiences about societal issues: Synthesis of literature and research propositions
Modeling the Enablers of E-Trading Adoption in Agriculture: Learning from Indian eNAM
Interpretive ranking of the factors influencing e-trading usage in Indian agriculture marketing.
Mindful Consumption: Factorial invariance and group differences
Measuring Mindful Consumption
Conceptual Issues in Estimating the Cost Of Equity
Fake Entity Detection: An Analytical Approach
Classifying Student Performance: A Compar0ative and Analytical Approach Global Advances in Business Communications
Mindfulness and Cross-Cultural Interactions
Mindful Consumption Behaviour: Scale Development and Validation
Over-Consumption and its Antidote in Mindful Consumption


Effective Business Communication, 2nd Ed.

dsb working papers

Yet Another Technique for Text Classification: An Application to Fake Text Identification on Online Networks, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Feb 2021
Attitudinal factors in SM-Era Consumer Decision Journey: a conceptualization and scale development, 2021
WELMSD – Word Embedding and Language Model Based Sarcasm Detection, 2020
The Balanced Scorecard Process: A study of its value creation Journal: International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 2020
The role of sense-making in business transformations across cultures, 2020
The Role of Sense Making in Transforming NovaHut, Ostrava, 2020
Dichotomy in brand claims: Focus on Breads in NCR Region, 2019
Measuring Mindful consumption, 2019
Mindful Effect of User-Centered Design on Brand Image and Brand Equity, 2019
Relationship of Mindfulness, Mindful Consumption, and Life Satisfaction, 2019
Effect of Mindfulness meditation on Mindful Consumption & Life Satisfaction- An experiment, 2019

research papers (others)

Framework For Agricultural e-Trading Platform Adoption Using Neural Networks
Mindful consumption behaviour: Scale development and validation