Unique Initiatives at DSB

BRICS Studies – Seminar Based Study

The aim of this programme is to understand the global economy and its impact and implications on Indian businesses.

The structure of this programme is in the form of One or Two Day Seminars on the major developing economies of the world. The Seminars will have sessions from experts on the different economies and countries followed by discussions and assessment of learnings.

BOPPT – Bottom Of the Pyramid Project Training

The aim of this programme is to make the students understand the insights into the real Indian Markets by undertaking project based studies in the rural, semi urban and urban markets in India through Tier I and II cities.

Students will need to visit real consumers and marketing intermediaries to understand the nuances of tapping the vast potential of Indian markets.

Live Projects with Companies

Students are involved in live projects of companies to gain comprehensive understanding of corporate culture and life which gives them an edge over other students when they face placement interviews. The live project experience is similar to work experience that students gain even as they pursue their full time diploma program.

Mentorship Programs with Top Level Executives of Best Indian Companies

As a commitment to ensure students passing out of DSB are employable right from the first day of their joining the organisations. Mentorship programs allow students to have one on one interactions with the executives to share their experiences and learning. Mentorship and coaching are confidential individual exercises tailored to meet individual and organizational expectations. The process is necessarily introspective, reflective, positive, supportive and is assessed periodically for progress.

Social Work Initiatives at DSB

Balkalakaar 2013

Delhi School of Business organized an event for the underprivileged children on 14 of Dec, 2013 with AIESEC. AIESEC (http://www.aiesec.in/ ) is a Non Profit entity which is being managed by students in 113 countries worldwide facilitating huge number of International Exchanges. It was founded way back in 1948 in 7 European countries. 4000 students attended the event and exhibited their talent in painting and dramatics. Students enjoyed the activities and the most talented children were given away prizes to motivate them for further enhancement of their talent and potential.