International Exposure


The young and eager students of DSB set out on an exciting journey of discovery to Germany. The interactions started with the European Central Bank in Frankfurt where the students were greeted with excellent visuals and multimedia props to explain the intricacies of operations in a Central Bank.

This was followed by the visit to the BASF factory in Mannheim, the largest chemical complex in the world. The students were made aware of the housekeeping, the efficiencies and safety and logistical challenges involved in handling the hazardous nature of the products.

A visit to the famed Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart followed in which the students saw exhibits pertaining to the history of the 4 – wheeled vehicles right from horse drawn carriages to Formula 1 cars in which Mercedes Benz dominate. A sightseeing trip to the castle of Neuschwanstein was organized which was the inspiration for Disneyland castles. The students spent two days at the Munich Business School where they were exposed to challenges of successful branding and issues in working with virtual teams, a contemporary management issue faced by businesses transacting globally.

The informal learning continued with the visits to the BMW World, a contemporary Museum, and to the largest BMW factory in Germany. It was amazing to see how they operated a 2.5 kms long assembly line in which each car was customized as per the order of the customer. A visit to their body shop also exposed them robots handling many operations.

Certificate Program of LSE, NUS and AIT

DSB provides unparalleled international exposure through Certificate Program of LSE (The London School of Economics and Political Science,London) , NUS (National University of Singapore), AIT (Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok).

Certificate in International Business Areas with Immersion visit to London School of Economics, London

Students will get an opportunity to visit London School of Economics & learn from their faculty. The immersion visit will help the students gain an exposure to social and cultural aspects of education abroad. It will include two weeks of classes along with some social activities and local sightseeing. Students will also visit a few industries and have an option to opt for a Crash Course on a Foreign Language. Students can opt for many courses but LSE recommends: Big Data (Business Analytics), World Economics, Business Management & Entrepreneurship, Media Management and Corporate Finance. After successful completion of the programme, students will be awarded certification in a particular subject.


Certificate in Business Sustainability with Immersion visit to Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Students will get a Certificate in Sustainability Management from School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. The certification will include a visit to Bangkok for a week, during which they will be taught by the Faculty of School of Management, Asian Institute of Technology. The students will also visit some corporate campuses where corporate leaders will interact with them.Students also get an opportunity to visit places of tourist interest during their stay.


Certificate in Business Sustainability with Immersion visit to National University of Singapore, Singapore – May 2014

International exposure broadens the vision and enhances the personality of students. The students of DSB visited the National University of Singapore for a 7 day program which provided them with the “Certificate in International Economics and Business” at NUS Campus, Singapore. The program focussed on providing the students with 30 hours of teaching and academic aspects in the domain of business & economics. The Session was delivered by the NUS Faculty & Corporate Leaders from Singapore. The program provided the students with cross cultural exposure and global perspective.