Mission and Vision


The mission of Delhi School of Business (DSB) is to equip students with skill-based, practical business management knowledge and analytical skills and develop their capacity to lead domestic and global organisations through adaptability, innovation and creativity.

DSB facilitates the realization of the inherent potential in each student through experiential education that leads the individual towards a self-motivated path in aspiring for perfection, personal success, professional achievement and responsible citizenship. To these ends, we:

  • Leverage cutting edge teaching quality, resource and infrastructure for sustained learning and development.
  • Prepare our students for ever changing business requirements.
  • Provide an environment that encourages creativity, analysis and critical thinking and effective communication.
  • Simulate real-life environment in our up-to-date labs so as to build confidence among our students.


Delhi School of Business aims to create a knowledge society by establishing, maintaining and promoting the Centers of Excellence in the field of business education, comparable with the best in the world and become a nationally recognized leader in business education among the private business schools and among top ten institutes in the county in the next five years.

Learning Philosophy

Education manifests the perfection that already exists in man

Our students are in a learning environment that compels them to think across disciplines and open their minds to new horizons, even as they learn the fundamentals of business, they question stereotypes and foster creative and critical thinking. The learning process is strongly backed by participation in inter-university forums, cross-cultural business projects and public speaking and debates, creating a strong bridge between the industry, its experts and our students.

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