Online Facilities

” We have state of the art Cloud hosted Virtual Campus, powered by vCampus and vLearn “

vCampus is a people centric portal, capable of seamlessly integrating information about Faculty, Students, and Alumni. vCampus offers you a great platform for connecting with your campus anywhere, anytime. With Forums, Wikis, Blogs, Knowledge Base and dynamic Virtual Communities, vCampus delivers a truly innovative, collaborative and engaging experience during your stay at DSB. Some of the features of vCampus@DSB are:

  • An individual public website for all the Faculty, Staff and Students of DSB
  • Secure Document Library to store, share and collaborate documents and other information resources
  • A searchable video library, with recording of past lectures and events
  • Live Streaming services
  • Shared Calenders, Announcement and Alerts

In addition, we also have an online Learning Management System, vLearn, based on the principles of open learning and collaboration. vLearn provides you an excellent virtual Academic Platform, with all your course information, lecture notes, syllabus hosted online. vLearn is also used to conduct internal trainings and tests. Some of the features of vLearn@DSB are:

  • Online Academic Calendar
  • Online Assignments
  • Online Tests & Quizzes
  • Online Gradebook of your courses

Collectively, vCampus and vLearn make sure that the right information reaches the right audience at the right time. It also exhibits our firm commitment towards delivering a world class education experience at DSB.