PGP-FMB Programme


The programme is particularly useful for SME sector, which is mostly family-owned and-managed. Not many business schools in India cater to this segment with the type of practical orientation and applications needed in business. We have ventured to serve this segment through this uniquely designed programme by providing relevant knowledge and skills, besides influencing the attitude of participating candidates. The aim is to enhance the managerial skills of the candidates so that they are able to successfully compete at the marketplace for profitable growth in the future. Whatever they learn in the classroom, they are simultaneously able to apply in their business, thus improving their learning. The programme takes care to balance a sound theoretical framework with practical application to ensure sustainability and growth.

The programme is driven by the following objectives:

  • To equip the participants with latest management tools, techniques and competencies in diverse functional areas of business management.
  • To groom prospective leaders for future roles in the business.
  • To bestow a better understanding of the relationship between business, ownership and family demands, anticipate conflicting interests, ifany, and seek balanced solutions.
  • To develop a holistic and integrated approach to business management.


The programme will be conducted by expert faculty who are specialists in their area, including practitioners, FMB consultants and visiting faculty from other leading 8-Schools. It will also involve mentors from business to make learning more effective.

A feedback and review system will be a vital component of the Programme. During the non-contact period (the intervening period/weekdays between classes), the participants will be encouraged to apply what they have learned in their business, report back and discuss their experiences with the faculty and others in the class, thus strengthening their understanding ofa specific subject or concept. This pedagogical approach of experiential learning would be quite useful in enhancing their managerial effectiveness of the business and its different functional areas.

Non-classroom initiatives such as field visits, industry interaction, and seminars, etc., will also form part of the broader curriculum. The programme is designed in modular format and would broadly cover the following:


Graduates in any discipline from a business family. Sponsorship by the company/organization is essential.

Who will find the programme useful?

The programme would be useful for:

  • Fresh graduates who want to starta new business or enter an existing family business.
  • Graduates with experience in business who want to grew their existing family business.
  • Graduates who are having difficulties in running the existing business and want to improve its performance by making it competitive in the marketplace.

Duration of the Programme

The duration of the programme is 80-120 days, spread over 40 weeks. During each week, an input of 8-12 hours would be provided.

Programme commences on: 29 August, 2013

For further information, feel free to Contact:

Ms. Bhanupriya: +91 96500 12049


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