S.S. Handa

S.S. Handa
B.Stat (H), M.Stat (ISI, Kolkata), Ph.D. (Computer Science)
Specialisation:  statistics and TQM

Prof. S.S. Handa was former Sr. Professor & Consultant of Quality Management Sciences (QMS), at Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. He was full time faculty member and consultant for 42 years (Nov 1969 to Nov. 2011) with SQC & OR Division of Indian Statistical Institute, Delhi. Assistant Professor (1963-1981), Associate Professor (1982-1990), Professor (1991-2011). Also Head and Executive Incharge SQC & OR Unit, Delhi Centre of ISI (1989-1992) and joined Manav Rachna International University in December 2011 as Sr. Professor in Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology and proceeded on superannuation on November 30, 2016.

Teaching, Training and Consultancy Experience at Indian Statistical Institute.

 During 42 years at ISI, he has taken up different assignments, which include training, consultancy and collaborative applied research work in about 600 companies and trained more than 3000 professionals at different levels in private and public sector. The companies covered include engineering, chemical, textile, automobile (small and large scale).

Applications of modern quality management tools like Statistical Process Control, F.M.E.A., Q.F.D., Measurement Systems Analysis, Taguchi Methods, Strategic Quality Planning (Six Sigma Quality) have been successfully demonstrated by Professor Handa in about 100 top level companies in India such as Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited, Haridwar (Heavy Electrical Equipment Plant and Central Forge and Foundry Plant), Modern Food Industries (I) Ltd., New Delhi, Safdarjang Hospital, Continental Devices India Limited, New Delhi, Thomson Press (I) Ltd (Three independent Units), Moser Bear (I) Ltd., R-Systems, S.T. Microelectronics, Sona Group of Industries and Carrier Aircon, etc. These companies have implemented the recommendations and are achieving continuous improvement in Quality and Productivity there by reduction in production cost.

Prof. Handa has published more than 250 technical reports, case studies and research papers in National and International Journals on the application of quantitative methods to real life problems in industry through which he has propagated TQM philosophy.

Prof. Handa has widely travelled around the world covering Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Australia, Japan, South Korea and Iran on different assignments.  He also had a privilege of his association with Prof. G. Taguchi, a well-known Quality Guru of Japan, Dr. J M Juran of USA and Prof. Lennart Sandholm of Sweden.

 At manav rachna international university NCR faridabad (2011-2016), He taught students of Ph.D, M.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) B.Tech, and guided projects and dissertations of M.Tech.  Also coordinated workshops, seminars, conferences etc, also provided guidance in various other activities connected with Research and Faculty Development and also organized Faulty Development programs regularly.

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