Programme Structure

We offer an AICTE recognized Post Graduate Programme of two year duration with three trimesters per academic year as the Best MBA & PGDM courses in India. Students are required to undertake a Summer Internship Project of minimum eight weeks duration during the summer vacation intervening the first and second year. The Programme Structure is as follows:

Courses for Batch 2019-21 2nd year

Term V
Subjects Specialization
1 Advance Excel and R (AER) Core
2 Strategic Management (SM) Core
3 Performance & Compensation Management (PCB) HR
4 Strategic HRM (SHRM) HR
5 Investment and Portfolio Management (IPM) Fin
6 Corporate Banking & Credit Analysis (CBCA) Fin
8 E-Commerce (ECM) DA
9 Digital Marketing Mkt
10 Brand & Consumer Experience Management Mkt
Term VII
Subjects Specialization
1 CSR, Corporate Governance (ESRG) Core
2 Business Ethics Core
3 International HRM HR
4 Training & Development HR
5 International Financial Management (IFM) Fin
6 Marketing Analytics (MA) Mkt
7 Data Science with R (DSR) DA
8 Operation Analytics (OA) DA
Term VI
Subjects Specialization
1 Negotiation (NS) Core
2 Cross-Cultural Management (CCM) HR
3 Industrial Relations and Labour Laws (IRLL) HR
4 Financial Risk & Derivatives Management (FRDM) Fin
5 Valuation & Mergers and Acquisition Fin
6 Advertising & Integrated Marketing Communication Mkt
7 Corporate and Retail Sales Management(CRSM) Mkt
8 Big Data Analytics (BDA) DA
9 Data Science with Python (DSP) DA
Subjects Specialization
1 Capstone Project Core
2 Global Business Management (GBM) Core
3 Organisational Development & Change Management(ODCM) HR
4 HR Analytics HR
5 Leadership (LDR) HR
6 Consumer Behaviour & MR (CBMR) Mkt
7 Corporate Financial Modelling Fin

Courses for Batch 2020-22, 1st YEAR

Term I
1 Business and Management Processes (BMP)
2 Managerial Communication-I (MC-I)
3 Quantitative Techniques-I (QT-I)
4 Excel for Business (EXB)
5 Financial Reporting and Analysis (FRA)
Term III
1 Marketing Management-I (MM-I)
2 Managerial Communication-II (MC-II)
3 Financial Management (FM-II)
4 Human Resource Management (HRM)
5 Economic Environment and Policy (EEP)
Term II
1 Organizational Behaviour (OB)
2 Cost and Management Accounting (CMA)
3 Quantitative Techniques-II (QT-II)
4 Managerial Economics (ME)
5 Financial Management (FM-I)
Term IV
1 Marketing Management-II (MM-II)
2 Operations Management (OM)
3 Legal Aspects of Business (LAB)
4 Business Research Merhods (BRM)
5 Entrepreneurship & Family Business (EFM)