Shounak Roy Chowdhury

Shounak Roy Chowdhury
B.Tech. (IIT); FPM (IIM; Ahmedabad)
Specialisation: Entrepreneurship

As an academic, my interests lie in bottom of the pyramid strategies for creating sustainable growth and entrepreneurship. I have presented papers, on these themes, in several major global academic conferences organized by Strategic Management Society and the Academy of Management. Since 2013, I transitioned into applied research. Over the years, I served as a consultant to corporate social responsibility teams, coaching entrepreneurs and business development of small & medium enterprises. After creating several success stories, I decided to launch my venture – Banyan Edu-Services – that guides skill development initiatives globally.

In addition to my venturing, I have a passion for nurturing young entrepreneurs and (academically) developing the still elusive theory of entrepreneurship. The latter attains importance as Western thought structures dominate perspectives on entrepreneurship. However, extension of the constructs to the Indian context needs due diligence. Anecdotally, indicators suggest that many of the principles discussed in literature remain contextually irrelevant in emerging economies. Further, concurrent management theories have limited understanding of the rent creation process. Therefore, there is a need for developing relevant knowledge for guiding entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

In DSB, I envisage furthering of student-driven entrepreneurship and create the requisite associated knowledge. This would include – (1) incubating and mentoring small and medium scale industries; and (2) encouraging students to become job-providers instead of being job seekers.

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