Skill Development

Advanced Excel training

Ability to understand and manage numerical data is an essential competency of 21st century managers. Microsoft Excel is a powerful application providing an immense range of quantitative analysis. Being easy to use, one often ends up making ineffective spreadsheets without fully understanding the software’s potential. The Advance Excel training provided to students at DSB enables truly robust use of the software for sophisticated Data Analysis, MIS Reporting, and Budgeting & Financial Planning. Our aim is to prepare students to be effective at the workplace from Day One. From analysis of databases with thousands of records to complex estimation with user friendly front ends, the one and half hour sessions on following topics form part of this programme:

  • Excel Screen Basics & Customization – Daily Time Saver
  • Smart Find & Replace/Advanced Sorting
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Magical Tool – Name Manager/Table
  • Data Validation
  • Data Filter/Advanced Filter/Group/Subtotal
  • Formula Functions -1 and 2
  • PIVOT Table
  • Charts/Smart Art/Views and Custom Views
  • Protection/Goal Seek/ Solver

Digital Marketing Programme

DSB has created the opportunity for its PGDM students to give further depth to their marketing careers by signing up for this 10 week online programme delivered every Saturday and Sunday. Each three hour session allows the student to learn various aspects of online marketing and hone e-Marketing skills. The student is able to maintain focus on the core courses without hampering one’s schedule as this online course is delivered over the weekend. The course helps understand creation of online marketing strategy, management of e-marketing campaigns through use of leading edge tools and application of a variety of tactics for improving campaign performance.

Practical experience is gained through 7 assignments. Internships and placement opportunities with leading corporates are also included in the programme.

The course content is as follows:

  • Business, Marketing & e-Marketing
  • Search Marketing – Paid Search Advertising
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimization
  • eMail Marketing
  • Web Site Strategy
  • Banner Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Integrated Marketing

Research Analysis in Indian Stock Markets

With a view to take learning beyond the classroom and make education practical and application oriented, DSB offers this course to students who want to make a mark in the finance sector. The course provides a holistic understanding of the securities market. Participants gain hands on experience of stock market trading by understanding how equities and derivatives work. The programme is beneficial not only for those aspiring to make a career as finance professionals. It opens doors for other functional area aspirants wanting to join financial organizations.

The program is spread over three modules ( each covering 16 hours)

1. Building the Basics ( 16 hours)

  • Investment Basics, Introduction to financial and technical analysis
  • Primary and Secondary Markets
  • Securities in financial markets
  • Derivatives, Mutual Funds, Bonds,Stock Broking
  • Time Value of Money

2. Technical Analysis Workshop (16 hours)

  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Candle Charts and Pattern Study
  • Major Indicator & OscillatorsPattern Study
  • Trading Strategies, psychology, and risk management
  • DOW Theory and Elliot Wave Theory

3. Derivatives in India ( 8 hours)

  • Introduction to derivatives
  • Understanding interest rates
  • Future and forward contracts, mechanism, applications
  • Options contracts, mechanism and application
  • Regulatory framework
  • Hedging, Speculation and Arbitrage