Student Activities

Ekagra – The Cultural Club Event

The cultural club ‘Ekagra’ conducted its first event-“HastKala”, on 31st July’2020 HastKala aimed to showcase artworks like- Mandala art, Water color scenery, pencil sketching. The event was conducted online through social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook. The judgement criteria were based on the number of likes and comments a participant receives on their artwork posted by the club on the social media handles. Proper posters, instructions and google forms were sent.


Position :- 1st

  • Nikita Aggarwal(2nd Year)

Position :- 2nd

  • Anisha Jain(2nd Year)

Position :- 3rd

  • Mitali Mittal.(2nd Year)

Special Mention prize

  • Rishabh Gupta
  • Srishti Gupta (students of 2nd Year)

EKAY- HR Club Activity

EKAY’- The HR club of Delhi School of Business organized an interactive session ‘Building the future’ with the alumnus on August 18, 2020, to enrich the students of current batches with corporate insights and help them prepare for what lies ahead for them, in various industries. The invited alumnus included Monal Nagpal (Batch: 2014-2016) and Joywant Bhatiya (Batch: 2015-2017)

Monal Nagpal, after having completed her PGDM in the fields of HR and Marketing, Monal has an experience of working with Concentrix and is currently working with Marks and Spencer. She discussed:

  • HR is a customer service industry and requires you to be a custodian of mind; effective communication being the key to all problems.
  • While preparing for an interview, some of the key factors that can affect your selection include- displaying passion, being able to justify why the job means a lot to you and how you are going to add value to the organization, aligning organizational and personal goals and most of all, being updated- latest news in the domain, trends, etc.
  • With digitalisation taking over the workplaces, it is quite evident that AI is the future. However, it is impossible to replace the sense of human element at a workplace
  • A major misconception with the youth nowadays is that they believe that an MBA degree will immediately fetch them the position of a CEO; but the reality is, that it requires patience, determination and a lot of hard work.
  • Often, it is believed that several companies just manufacture the products, tag and sell them in the market, but it is not the real picture. It requires a great deal of integration between logistics, marketing and operations.
  • To ace an interview, it is important for the candidate to- ensure punctuality, dress well, have the right attitude, focus on the skill set and most importantly, let the interviewer know, why you’re the right choice for this job.

Eagra hr club
Eagra hr_club

DAIVYA- The Social Club Event

The social club ‘Daivya’ organized its first event-`Namaste Mind’ on 8th August 2020. It was an online interactive session on wellness of body, mind and soul Dr. Rashmi Sharma, who has conducted several trainings on stress management and mindfulness with leading Government ministries and PSUs, enlightened the batch PGDM 2019-21 students with her wisdom and knowledge about the overall wellbeing of the person. She interacted with the students and asked them to do introspection about symptoms and causes of stress in their lives. They participants shared their stress areas through the self-evaluation exercises and identified the coping strategies. The essence of the session was ‘Be kind to yourself and kind to others’.

daivya social

Ekagra Cultural Club Event: E-Tarana

The cultural club ‘Ekagra’ conducted its second event-“E-Tarana”, on 15th August, 2020. E-Tarana aimed to provide platform for singing through social media platforms- Facebook and Instagram – The participants were judged for their -Scale, feel, tempo and expressions/dynamics. They could use a digital audio workstation for clear audio if available, but no auto tuning/pitch correction was allowed. Participants could use a backing track/karaoke or musical instruments.

Position :- 1st

  • Mrinal Singh (1st Year)

Position :- 2nd

  • Rishabh Gupta (2nd Year)


MarkX- The Marketing Club Event

MarkX- The Marketing club of DSB, organized an event “WHO AM I” on 22 August,2020. ‘WHO AM I’ event was organized to gain and improve the knowledge of brands in individuals. There were 31 participants. In first round which consisted of brand logo identification; in this round 50 photo edited logo were shown. There were three rounds in this activity. In the first round the participant were shown 50 photo edited logo of various brands and in second round the participant was given google form in which they had to recognize the mascots names of various brands. In the final round 5 participant were shown around 36 Mascots for 60 seconds. After that they were asked to recognize the brand the mascots were associated.

Position :- 1st

  • Arushi Wadhawan (2nd year)

Position :- 2nd

  • Yash Aggarwal (2nd year)

Position :- 3rd

  • Tanuj Mohan Sethi (1st year)


Pratyaksh – The Entrepreneurship Club Event

On the 29th of August 2020, ‘Pratyaksh’ organized its first event of the season, ‘Elevator Pitch’ for the students of the college. It had 2 rounds, the first being an elimination quiz and the second an elevator pitch in under a minute. It saw participation by a total of 9 teams from first and second year. The event was judged by Professor Sanjay Kumar and Prof. Rashmi Sharma. Out of the 5 teams in Round 2, the winners were announced as follows:

Position :- 1st

  • Jasleen Gallay (1st Year)

Position :- 2nd

  • Ambika Nagpal(2nd Year)


Corporate Clan- The Corporate Interface Club Event

Corp-o-Zing’ was a thought invoking 3-day event organized by ‘Corporate Clan’. The last round of the event took place on 30th Aug, 2020. In the first round, participants wrote captivating articles on the topics given to them. The articles were then judged based on plagiarism, relevancy, creativity. The top 10 participants were then selected for the round 2, where they showed their networking skills and their posts were admired by the professionals on LinkedIn.

The top 3 winners of the Corp-o-Zing were:

Position :- 1st

  • Aashi Bansal (1st Year)

Position :- 2nd

  • Jahnvi Ummat (1st Year)

Position :- 3rd

  • Arushi Wadhawan (2nd Year)

The objective of the event was to bridge the gap between the industry people and the students by getting them out of their orbit, setting aside their hesitation and indulge in corporate networking.

Corporate Clan
Corporate Clan_1
Corporate Clan_2
Corporate Clan_3
Corporate Clan_4
Corporate Clan_5