Student Affairs Council

Daivya- The Social Club

The social club ‘Daivya’ organized its first event-`Namaste Mind’ on 8th August 2020. It was an online interactive session on the wellness of body, mind, and soul Dr. Rashmi Sharma, who has conducted several pieces of training on stress management and mindfulness with leading Government ministries and PSUs, enlightened the batch PGDM 2019-21 students with her wisdom and knowledge about the overall wellbeing of the person. She interacted with the students and asked them to do introspection about symptoms and causes of stress in their lives. The participants shared their stress areas through the self-evaluation exercises and identified the coping strategies. The essence of the session was ‘Be kind to yourself and kind to others’.

daivya social

Ekagra – The Cultural Club

‘Ekagra’ – the cultural club of DSB conducted its first intercollege event, “Surmaya”. The registrations began from November 6, 2020 and the participants were required to submit their creative videos on or before November 16 and 21, 2020(as per the respective event’s deadline)
‘Surmaya’ was conducted through 3 events viz. `Chitrangada’- The Rangoli Event, ‘Natraj’- The Dance Event and ‘Moods & Melodies’ – The Singing & Music Event.
The club received 21 creative entries in total from institutions like Shiv Nadar University, Delhi Technological University, IITM, IILM, JIMS (sector-5), Symbiosis Institute of Management and Studies, Vivekananda College of Technical and Management-Aligarh, ICFAI, Maharaja Surajmal Institute. Overall, 12 entries were from other institutions and 9 from DSB & VIPS.
Winners for these 3 events were as follows: –
‘Chitrangada’ Rangoli Event Winners :
First Prize: Neha Yadav – Jagan Institute of Management (JIMS) Rohini, Sector – 5
Second Prize: Ayushi Bhatt- ICFAI Business School Gurgoan, &
Anshita Agrawal -Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Rohini, Sector 5.
‘Natraj’ Dance Event Winners:
First Prize: Mrinal Singh- Delhi School Of Business, VIPS-TC (PGDM 2020- 2022)
& Heena Goyal- IILM Institute of Higher Education.
‘Moods And Melodies’ – Singing and Music Event
First Prize: Geetika Yadav- Institute of Information Technology and Management, Janakpuri.
Second Prize: Muskan Aggarwal – Maharaja Surajmal Institute, IPU
Third Prize: Sawini Kabi – Delhi Technological University, B. Tech, Mechanical Engineering, Batch 2017-2021

Ekagra_Surmaya_Nov,20 Rangoli
Ekagra_Surmaya_Nov,20 Melody (1)
Ekagra_Surmaya_Nov,20 Dance

The cultural club of Delhi School of Business-Ekagra conducted its 3 rd event- “Quarantine-eBawarchi”, on September 6, 2020. This Culinary Event was aimed to unleash culinary skills through social media platforms- Facebook & Instagram. The theme for the event was Tea Time Snacks. The participants were given the details on 25th Aug 2020 to register, cook and make a time-lapse video(which was compulsory) and submit to the ‘Ekagra’ club by September 5, 2020, before 11:30 pm(IST). Negative marking was done for the participants who had submitted only pictures of the Teatime Snacks. The club received 11 entries in the form of time-lapse videos and pictures.

Position:- 1st

Vivek Sood (First Year)

Position:- 2nd

Bharat Jangra (First Year)


The cultural club ‘Ekagra’ conducted its first event-“HastKala”, on 31st July’2020 HastKala aimed to showcase artworks like- Mandala art, Watercolor scenery, pencil sketching. The event was conducted online through social media platforms – Instagram and Facebook. The judgment criteria were based on the number of likes and comment a participant receives on their artwork posted by the club on the social media handles. Proper posters, instructions, and google forms were sent.


Position:- 1st

Nikita Aggarwal(2nd Year)

Position:- 2nd

Anisha Jain(2nd Year)

Position:- 3rd

Mitali Mittal.(2nd Year)

Special Mention prize:-

Rishabh Gupta
Srishti Gupta (students of 2nd Year)

The cultural club ‘Ekagra’ conducted its second event-“E-Tarana”, on 15th August 2020. E-Tarana aimed to provide a platform for singing through social media platforms- Facebook and Instagram – The participants were judged for their -Scale, feel, tempo and expressions/dynamics. They could use a digital audio workstation for clear audio if available, but no auto-tuning/pitch correction was allowed. Participants could use a backing track/karaoke or musical instruments.

Position:- 1st

Mrinal Singh (1st Year)

Position:- 2nd

Rishabh Gupta (2nd Year)


Ekay- HR Club

‘EKAY- The HR club of Delhi School of Business’ organized an HR Quiz Competition for the PGDM students (1st & 2nd year) of Delhi School of Business (DSB) and the students of Vivekananda Institute of Business Studies (VSBS) on November 7, 2020. The motive of this HR quiz competition was to introduce the students to the world of business and HR.
There were 13 participants in the quiz competition. The quiz comprised 3 rounds and was conducted on the ‘Quizziz’ app.
The first round included logos of various famous brands and unscrambled terms of HR in which participants were given 20 seconds for each question.
In the second round True/False and fill in the blank questions were provided to the participants which were to be answered in 20 seconds.
Third Round included small caselets and questions from the previous two round categories.
The winners for this event were-
1st Position: Isha Nijhawan – PGDM 1st year (DSB)
2nd Position: Ishu Mawar – BCOM 3rd year (VSBS)
3rd Position: Deepakshi Anand- PGDM 1st year (DSB)


EKAY’- The HR club of Delhi School of Business organized an interactive session ‘Building the future’ with the alumnus on August 18, 2020, to enrich the students of current batches with corporate insights and help them prepare for what lies ahead for them, in various industries. The invited alumnus included Monal Nagpal (Batch: 2014-2016) and Joywant Bhatiya (Batch: 2015-2017)
Monal Nagpal, after having completed her PGDM in the fields of HR and Marketing, Monal has experience of working with Concentrix and is currently working with Marks and Spencer. She discussed:

HR is a customer service industry and requires you to be a custodian of mind; effective communication is the key to all problems.
While preparing for an interview, some of the key factors that can affect your selection include- displaying passion, being able to justify why the job means a lot to you and how you are going to add value to the organization, aligning organizational and personal goals and most of all, being updated- latest news in the domain, trends, etc.
With digitalization taking over the workplaces, it is quite evident that AI is the future. However, it is impossible to replace the sense of human element at a workplace
A major misconception with the youth nowadays is that they believe that an MBA degree will immediately fetch them the position of a CEO; but the reality is, that it requires patience, determination, and a lot of hard work.
Often, it is believed that several companies just manufacture the products, tag and sell them in the market, but it is not the real picture. It requires a great deal of integration between logistics, marketing, and operations.
To ace an interview, it is important for the candidate to- ensure punctuality, dress well, have the right attitude, focus on the skillset, and most importantly, let the interviewer know, why you’re the right choice for this job.

Eagra hr club
Eagra hr_club

Ekay’ -The HR Club of DSB, organized the first event of the club `Talking In Circles’ on 18th February 2020. `Talking in circles’ is an exercise that is designed to improve communication and listening skills. A total of 6 teams participated with zeal in the event. Each team was asked to stand in circles around a long piece of ribbon tied at the ends to form a circle. The team was next asked to create shapes with the ribbon – square, triangle, rectangle, trapezium, parallelogram, hexagon, pentagon, etc. To increase the difficulty level, the members were asked to shut their eyes and may be muted at different times. The exercise had three rounds.
Two teams were given certificates for securing first and second positions; the details are as follows:

Position:- 1st
Team Name:- Alpha
Priya Aggarwal (A)
Riya Sharma (A)
Aman Aggarwal (A)
Kamya Jeswani (B)
Rashi Gupta (A)
Jigyasa Garg (A)

Position:- 2nd
Team Name:- Chocolates
Prabhsimran Kaur (B)
Megha Sharma (B)
Ayush Verma (A)
Mukul Khandelwal (B)
Vansh Ratra (A)
Shubham Singhal (B)

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.11
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.17(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.12(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.21
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.43(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.19(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.21(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.18
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.12
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.42(2)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.13(2)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.13
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.11(1)
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.41
WhatsApp Image 2020-02-18 at 19.53.45

Fynamics – The Finance Club

“Fynamics”- The Finance club of DSB released its first term-wise magazine ‘The Financial Trident’ on Diwali. The magazine is a collection of all the news discussed in that term, various articles, riddles and some detailed financial analysis of companies.
“Fynamics” also holds weekly meetings wherein students discuss the latest finance news. The club regularly posts different articles and price trackers on its social media pages/handles.

The Finance Club conducted its first event – `Stock Hustler’ on September 11, 2020. The event had two levels, the first one being an elimination level. The participation involved individual entries or a team of two members. The first level was a finance quiz and the top 11 teams were taken forward to the second level i.e. the ‘Mock trading’. This level had 6 rounds which involved the trading of 5 financial stocks that were given to the participants with the continuous flashing of news alongside. The winners were decided based on the final profit and loss of the trading done.

The event witnessed active participation especially from the first-year students with a total of 37 participants (including teams and individuals). The event aimed at enhancing financial knowledge and to give an idea about how actual trading happens at the stock market

Ankit Arora and Devika Tyagi from the first year (Team: `Riding the Bulls Market’)

Pulkit Goel and Piyush Munjal from first year (Team: ‘Stock Masters’)

Shubham Singhal from the second year (Team: ‘Experto’)

Fynamics_Stock Hustler_1

Fin-O-Pedia was organized by the Fynamics-Finance Club of Delhi School of Business on 24th February 2020. There were 4 teams with 3 members each. We are glad to announce that Vipul Garg, Sachin Kumar, Varun Jain of the first year were winners of the quiz. Siddharth Gupta(first Year) Mehak Kakrania(II Year), Ritesh Aggarwal(II Year) were runner-ups


Invictus: DSB Analytics Club

Invictus’ the DSB’s Analytics Club conducted the college’s first inter-college activity- “The Analytics Affair” on September 25, 2020. The event consisted of 3 rounds viz. The Quiz, Dashboard Creation, and Development of System Development Lifecycle. The event received a total of 9 registrations including 1 each from N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management, SGTB Khalsa College, JIMS (Sector -5), JIMS (Sector 3), and 5 entries from Delhi School of Business. The event was judged by Prof. Sanjay Chaudhary, Prof. Neerja Arora, and Prof. Gaurav Sarin.

A total of 4 teams qualified for the 3rd round after the scores for rounds 1 & 2 were cumulated. The winners were awarded cash prizes and e-certificates. The list of winners are as follows:

I Team “Trio” (JIMS sector 5) won the First Prize (Cash prize won: ₹1800/-)

Shubham Garg
Mohit Goel
Aaditya Chabbra

II Team “The Augmenters”(Delhi School of Business) were the First Runners-Up (Cash prize won: ₹1500/-)

Vipul Garg (Second Year)
Sachin Kumar (Second Year)
Akshay Khurana (Second Year)

III Team “A League of its Own” (Delhi School of Business) were the Second Runners-up (Cash prize won: ₹1200/-)

Ankit Arora
Aashi Bansal
Palak Jain
All the participating teams received participation e-certificates too.


Industrial Visit

A batch of PGDM (2019-21) students of DSB had the opportunity to visit the 16-year old fabrication unit of Fenesta Building Systems situated in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan on 22 February 2020. Prof. Sanjay Chaudhary and Ms. Meghna Sharma accompanied the students. With an aim to go beyond academics, the visit provided the students with insight regarding the internal working processes at Fenesta and its practical perspectives which have made it the flag bearer of the Indian Window Industry.

The fabrication unit at Bhiwadi, Rajasthan consists of an Aluminium plant and a UPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) plant. This unit involves the manufacturing of fixed windows, casement windows/doors, and slider windows/doors. Taking into consideration the customer’s preferences and needs, Fenesta not only builds highly customized windows but also provides end-to-end solutions (360-degree service). Mr. Inderjeet Singh, the factory head at Fenesta Building System, made the students familiar with the advantages of windows/ doors manufactured by them over the regular basic windows. He did so by explaining what all important elements constitute the unique fabrication processes at Fenesta with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. He also guided us through a fruitful tour of both the plants (Aluminium and UPVC) and enlightened us with live operations of the complete manufacturing process flow. The 14 sequential steps of this flow involve Profile cutting, processing, reinforcement fixing, fusion welding, CNC corner cleaning, in-process QC check, Assembly, Glazing, PDI check, Packing, Out-frame track fixing, PDI check, packaging, and stocking Finished goods. On the whole, the industrial visit to Fenesta gave the students an extra edge and helped them to relate the industry-driven curriculum with practical knowledge.


The E-Cell members of DSB visited BIMTECH Plot Number 5, Knowledge Park 2, NCR, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh on Saturday, 15 February 2020. The PGDM (Year I) students who visited were: Rajat Chaudhary, Krishnandan Mehta, Anukriti Shakyawar, Jahnvi Singh, Monira Minto, Shubham Singhal. Prof. Sanjay Chaudhary accompanied the team. The team visited BIMTECH to observe their Atal Incubation Center and understand its functioning and achievements.

Inter-College Events Participation

SAC organized the first intercollege competition of “The Corporate Clan”- The Corporate Interface club of DSB, “CORPORATE ROADIES” on 9th January 2021 at 3:00 pm, on Zoom platform. The final round participants were from VIPS, IMS Engineering College, IIT-Goa, Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Mithibai CollegeMumbai, IITM, and host institute, DSB

CORPORATE ROADIES was focused on assessing the participants’ problem solving and management skills through a case-based scenario one might face in real life. 84 teams from 19 different colleges registered for the event and 21 teams appeared in the final event. The event had 2 rounds:

Round 1:– All the participants were given a business quiz consisting of 25 questions and 10 minutes were allotted to submit their answers. This was an elimination round and the top 15 teams were selected for the final round.

Round 2:– In the final round, the participants were given a case study titled “Avanti Tours and Travels” prior to the event, for which they needed to critically examine the case and propose optimal and creative solutions. The presentation time was limited to 7 minutes for each of the teams

Winners for the CORPORATE ROADIES were:
1st- Shrey Patel from Mithibai College-Mumbai
2nd- Isha Nijhawan and Rashmi Gupta from Delhi School of Business
3rd (two winning teams) – Bobby Saha and Aditya Mohan Maharwal from IISWBM and Sarthak Mehta from Delhi School of Business

Gaurav Arora, Manisha Jassal and Tanshi Kumar (students of Batch 2019-21) participated in a Business Plan competition ‘ Business in a Room’ at Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, and emerged as the first runners up. They had to make a business proposal centred around the Healthcare Industry with a constraint of ₹10,00,000 as seed funding in the first year. The team came up with Boond, a non-electric water purifier, targeting the social entrepreneurship sphere by generating employment and providing safe drinking water in backward areas.

MarkX – The Marketing Club

MarkX”- The Marketing club of DSB organized its first online intercollege event, “OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION” on 5th December 2020. The final round participants were from IIM – Jammu, BIMTECH, Maharaja Surajmal Institute, IITM, and host institute, DSB.

OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION was organized to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking and generating solutions for several business problems. 41 teams from 32 different colleges registered for the event. The event had 2 rounds:

Round 1: – The teams were sent a case relating to general marketing principles. They were required to analyze the case and submit it within a given time. 10 teams were shortlisted for the final round.
Round 2: – In the final round, 08 teams participated. The participants were provided with information about a recent start-up ‘The 99 World’, and they had to present a marketing plan for the same on the day of the event.

Winners for the OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION were:
1st Position- Harsh Matta and Nikita Marwah from IIM Jammu
2nd Position- Isha Nijhavan and Rashmi Gupta from DSB
3rd Position- Rishika Jain and Approve Mathur from BIMTECH

MarkX”- The Marketing club of DSB organized its first online intercollege event, “OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION” on 5th December 2020. The final round participants were from IIM – Jammu, BIMTECH, Maharaja Surajmal Institute, IITM, and host institute, DSB.

OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION was organized to encourage ‘out of the box’ thinking and generating solutions for several business problems. 41 teams from 32 different colleges registered for the event. The event had 2 rounds:

Round 1: – The teams were sent a case relating to general marketing principles. They were required to analyze the case and submit it within a given time. 10 teams were shortlisted for the final round.
Round 2: – In the final round, 08 teams participated. The participants were provided with information about a recent start-up ‘The 99 World’, and they had to present a marketing plan for the same on the day of the event.

Winners for the OUTTHINK THE COMPETITION were:
1st Position- Harsh Matta and Nikita Marwah from IIM Jammu
2nd Position- Isha Nijhavan and Rashmi Gupta from DSB
3rd Position- Rishika Jain and Approve Mathur from BIMTECH

“Markx”- The Marketing Club of DSB, organized an online event “PROSEG” on November 2, 2020. The event was organized to gain and improve the knowledge of segmentation and promotion concepts. The event had three rounds.
Round 1: – 9 Teams were sent to the breakout rooms to prepare segments for the given product, 4 teams were able to clear this round
Round 2: – Promotion of the product that was given in the first round. This was a inter team competition round.
Round 3: – 5 participants were able to make it to the final round. The round focused on creating an attractive advertisement for a business “crash course in crying for bride to be”
Winners for the ‘PROSEG’ event were:
1. Isha Nijhawan (PGDM-first year-DSB)
2. Jasleen gallay (PGDM-first year-DSB)
3. Saarthak Mehta (PGDM-first year-DSB)


The event, Pitch please was organized to gain and improve the selling skills of an individual. There were 12 participants who formed 6 pairs by picking a chit. There were two rounds in this activity. In the first round, the participant was required to sell a product to the consumers i.e. B2C and in the second round, the participant had to sell it to the business i.e. B2B. In the first round, the time given to participants was 7 minutes and in the second round, the time given was 5 minutes. While one member was presenting, the other member of the team waited outside the room so as to avoid copying the same strategy. Each pair was given a different product of the same brand and they had to sell the product keeping in view the following criteria i.e. verbal skills, non-verbal skills, and the content. After the completion of the first round, candidates were shortlisted for the second round.

The winners and the runner-up were given the certificates. The details are as follows:

Position 1: Jhanvi Ummat
Position 2: Megha Sharma
Position 3: Ambika Nagpal
Runner Ups: Arushi Wadhawan, Shubham Singhal


MarkX- The Marketing club of DSB, organized an event “WHO AM I” on 22 August 2020. ‘WHO AM I’ event was organized to gain and improve the knowledge of brands in individuals. There were 31 participants. In the first-round which consisted of brand logo identification; in this round 50, photo edited logo was shown. There were three rounds in this activity. In the first round, the participant was shown 50 photos of edited logos of various brands and in the second round, the participant was given google form in which they had to recognize the names of the mascots of various brands. In the final round, 5 participants were shown around 36 Mascots for 60 seconds. After that, they were asked to recognize the brand the mascots were associated with.

Position:- 1st
Arushi Wadhawan (2nd year)

Position:- 2nd
Yash Aggarwal (2nd year)

Position:- 3rd
Tanuj Mohan Sethi (1st year)


Pratyaksh- The Entrepreneurship Cell

On the 29th of August 2020, ‘Pratyaksh’ organized its first event of the season, ‘Elevator Pitch’ for the students of the college. It had 2 rounds, the first being an elimination quiz and the second an elevator pitch in under a minute. It saw participation by a total of 9 teams from the first and second years. The event was judged by Professor Sanjay Kumar and Prof. Rashmi Sharma. Out of the 5 teams in Round 2, the winners were announced as follows:

Position:- 1st
Jasleen Gallay (1st Year)

Position:- 2nd

Ambika Nagpal(2nd Year)


A Business Quiz was organized by the Entrepreneurship Cell of Delhi School of Business. A total of 18 teams participated in the Business Quiz with zeal and the following students won prizes

Position I:
Monira Minto, Anukriti Shakyawar (Cash prize: Rs. 1500/- & certificate)

Position II:
Piyush Mittal, Kartike Tyagi (Cash Prize: Rs. 1000/- & certificate)

Position III:
Srishti Gupta, Barkha Gupta (Cash Prize: Rs. 500/- & certificate)

Sports Meet

Delhi School of Business- Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies- Technical Campus celebrated its 3rd Annual Sports Meet on November 30, 2019. The students of PGDM participated in the event whole- heartedly.

The event was declared open and bright colorful balloons filled the sky. The highlights of the sports day were a Football match, Cricket Match, ‘The Big Fight’, Lemon Race, 100m race, and Tug of war. Most of the matches were won by the first-year students and Mr. Lokesh Chandok bagged the Man of the Match for his brilliant performance in ‘The Big Fight’ – The cricket match. The audience was mesmerized by the energetic performance of all the participants. The event concluded with prize distribution through the hands of Chairman- Dr. S.C.Vats, Vice-Chairman- Shri Vineet Vats, Chairperson-SAC- Prof. Rashmi Sharma, and other faculty members. Delhi School of Business is known not only for its academic rigor but also for the holistic development of students.

The Corporate Clan- The Corporate Interface Club

Corp-o-Zing’ was a thought invoking a 3-day event organized by ‘Corporate Clan’. The last round of the event took place on 30th Aug 2020. In the first round, participants wrote captivating articles on the topics given to them. The articles were then judged based on plagiarism, relevancy, creativity. The top 10 participants were then selected for round 2, where they showed their networking skills and their posts were admired by the professionals on LinkedIn.

The top 3 winners of the Corp-o-Zing were:

Position:- 1st

Aashi Bansal (1st Year)

Position:- 2nd

Jahnvi Ummat (1st Year)

Position:- 3rd

Arushi Wadhawan (2nd Year)

The objective of the event was to bridge the gap between the industry people and the students by getting them out of their orbit, setting aside their hesitation, and indulge in corporate networking.

Corporate Clan
Corporate Clan_1
Corporate Clan_2