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Alumni Testimonials

Isha Nijhawan

Batch 2020-2022

“Choosing a college for MBA was a tough choice for me as a student, but yes, I’ve successfully made the right choice going ahead with DSB. The focus of DSB is at imparting knowledge through cases, presentations, reports and live sessions from industry experts.
The faculty at DSB have always been motivating us even when we haven’t seen each other and remained in contact online. Teachers have also encouraged us to take an initiative in moving out of our comfort zone and achieve something big.”

Palak Dilori

Batch 2020-2022

“For me, Delhi School of Business is a platform which helped me grow into a “better version of myself.” By saying this, I don’t just mean it helped me grow in terms of my academics but also in my overall development. With some of the finest teachers and fellow mates, I was able to grow personally and academically.
I will always be grateful to DSB and all the teachers who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.”

Tapur Arora

Batch 2020-2022

“At the very outset, I’d want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the entire Delhi School of Business-VIPS TC family for assisting me in becoming a competent individual. DSB has enriched my life in numerous ways. It has given me the tools to improve my talents, taught me essential information about this vast business world, its people, and concepts in general, and will eventually help me become more successful in life.  Apart from this we are offered exceptional internships and placements via the placement cell at DSB as well as opportunities to participate in free courses and workshops, all of which contributed to my overall skill development.”

Tanshi Kumar

Batch 2019-2021

“The 2 years I have spent at DSB have helped me find myself a little better. The faculty has been supportive through and the course is developed in such a way that helped me gain an in-depth understanding of not only business problems but also human relationships in the workplace. The course is driven entirely on ensuring that every student is brought out of their comfort zones and inspired to try new things and even overcome certain fears.”

Utsav Mehrishi

Batch 2019-2021

“DSB upheld a perfect environment to provide knowledge both on the academic and practical aspects of the managerial world. It helped me hone and channelize my skills so I could achieve my maximum potential. The highly esteemed faculty made sure that I was always on the right path throughout the program. The seminars and guest lectures made sure that we as students were always in know of the latest trends going on in the industries.”

Garima Bhayana

Batch 2019-2021

“Pursuing a management degree at Delhi School of Business is not just adding onto my academics but also shaping up my personality incredibly well. Learning under the supervision and guidance of the utmost experienced faculty (and yet so down-to-earth) is a privilege. This B-school encourages team-work amongst students. The study material provided to us helps to attain a clear understanding of nearly all the aspects of the subjects taught. On the whole, DSB is taking me towards my future goals by buoying me to grow out of my comfort zone.”

Monira Minto

Batch 2019-2021

“For me PGDM is more than a programme. I must say DSB has got the best faculty, they are helping and supporting me in building my career and to make us Industry-Ready they make us go through rigorous programmes but that’s how the careers are built. I have learnt two most important things which are Time management and Work-Life Balance. The faculty can go to any extent to help you irrespective of inside or outside the course.”

Devansh Dhall

Batch 2019-2021

“I thank my professors at Delhi School of Business for their constant encouragement and support. I am pursuing PGDM and they challenge and push me to be better and be more creative in my presentations and projects. The campus has excellent infrastructure and is spacious. Overall I feel that studying here makes a great learning experience and you learn something new every day.”

Sourjya Sen

Batch 2019-2021

“DSB is a place of learning, fun, culture, lore, literature and many such life preaching activities. Studying at the Delhi School of Business brought an added value of my life. It gave me an opportunity to meet different kind people and learn a number of things. There is heavy emphasis on class participation and glimpse into the practical application of the knowledge received. A unique style of pedagogy is followed which allows students to take over the lesson sometimes. I thank DSB for putting in all efforts to groom us and make us ready for the corporate world.”

Muskan Aggarwal

Batch 2019-2021

“I thank Delhi School of Business and the faculty for putting in all their efforts in grooming us and helping us to become future corporate professionals. The program is very interesting and interactive program. There is a lot of practical knowledge involved and this makes this program different from what other colleges are offering. I am happy with my decision of joining Delhi School of Business.”

Shivi Raweri

Batch 2018-2020

“At the very outset I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the DSB family. The faculty are really very kind and approachable when any need arises. It gave me platform to push myself and to understand the potential that was hidden inside me.
the Placement department provided a lot of support by ensuring renowned companies from different sectors with varied job opportunities were available for decent campus placements.”

Piyush goel

Batch 2018-2020

“DSB not only transformed me into a confident individual but also gave me a perspective about my career and life.
I got a chance to interact with some of the most prestigious faculty in the country and their experienced enriched my learnings. DSB taught me to strike the right balance between work and fun and make the best use of time. One of the biggest takeaways of DSB has been the incredible network of peers which puts me in great stead as I head out to begin my professional career.”

Disha Nagra

Batch 2016-2018

“Studying at Delhi School of Business has been a journey worth remembering. I have learned a lot at this place in a lot of many ways. With some of the finest teachers and fellow mates around, I was able to grow as a person both academically and personally. I’m working in the industry’s finest company today because of this college. I’ll before ever grateful.”

Chakshu Gambhir

Batch 2015-2017

“”Learn, Earn and Return” B-school gave me step by step guidance on how to be an entrepreneur and generate revenue from transforming ideas. The study material was so much better and help me to understand every aspect of business. Delhi School of Business changed my life. Completing the course has given me a new found confidence and a career which I dreamed off.”

Neha Gandhi

Batch 2014-2016

“Studying at DSB was amazing. Learning with all my fellow mates and my respected teachers, I have been able to become a responsible and a dedicated person. Today I am working with one of the best NBFC in the country which helps me explore the strategic skills as well as leadership skills. I have been in one of the finest colleges in the country.”

Alok Kumar

Batch 2013-2015

“Being associated with Delhi School of Business is a matter of pride for me, more so as I have been associated with it from the foundation year (Class of 2013). I entered these very gates with a fair knowledge of the world but still deep within I felt there was something missing while running my own start-up(BookingArena.com). I can proudly say that DSB thoroughly prepared me to put in long hours. It also imbibed in me, the spirit of working hard, and not just just working “smart”. Big Thanks to the DSB team.”

Vishal Singh

Batch 2013-2015

“If you want to acquire business knowledge and practical understanding, which will help you not only in doing a job well but also prepares you to run a business, then DSB is the management school for you.”

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