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Customized Online MDP on “Design Thinking”

In today’s highly competitive milieu, adopting innovation to occupy a prominent position in the market, is a must for companies. Design Thinking is the base of any innovation. Creative ideas do not suddenly appear in people’s minds for no apparent reason. Rather, they are the result of trying to solve a specific problem or to achieve a particular goal. Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Edison and other creative geniuses did not wait for ideas to strike, rather that were the result of a huge amount of mental problem solving trying to close a discrepancy between the problems and as they were understood at the time. This means that Managers and anyone else who solves scores of problems daily, must adopt methods of solving problems that yield tangible results. This Management Development Program is designed with this objective in mind.

This approach has been formalised as Design Thinking .Design Thinking is a simple process that involves breaking down a problem to understand it, generating ideas to solve the problem and evaluating those ideas to find the most effective solutions. Highly creative people tend to follow this process in their heads, without thinking about it. Less naturally creative people simply have to learn to use this very simple process. The training is designed to provide an understanding of problem solving and creative process in a systemic framework.

Program Objectives:

The specific learning objectives can be listed as to:
Identify key problems, their root causes, structure them, grasp the creative process and appreciate the use of divergent thinking in open ended problems.
• Imbibe the value of looking at problems from opportunity perspective.
• Apply creative problem-solving techniques for idea generation and structuring in a systematic manner.
• Utilize creative techniques in real-life contexts such as competitiveness, ebiz, entrepreneurship, innovation, knowledge management, learning, quality.

The Program is designed into following three modules:

Module 1: Opportunities/Problems Structuring, Creativity and Idea Generation
Module 2: Idea Structuring: Tools and Techniques
Module 3: Cases, Application and Practitioner Perspective

Duration of the Programme:

The duration of the proposed programs will be for a period of one week of minimum 20 sessions. The participants are expected to remain available at IIM Shillong throughout the Programme. The curriculum will keep on changing/modified based on relevant changes that happened in the landscape of the financial decision-making process.

Methodology :

The teaching methodology is blend of following approaches:
1.  Interactive Class Discussions
2.  Case Studies Discussion
3.  Real-life Problem Formulation
4.  Games

Certificate of Completion:

On completion of the Programme the Participants will be awarded with a Certificate of Participation from IIM Shillong.

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