Working Papers

DSB-WP-2019-03-06 Measuring Mindful consumption Sharad Gupta and Harsh Verma

DSB-WP-2019-03-05 Attitudinal Factors in SM-era consumer decision journey – conceptualization and scale development Atul Singh Chauhan and Sandip Anand

DSB-WP-2019-03-04 Mindful Effect of User-Centered Design on Brand Image and Brand Equity Sahil Gupta and Sharad Gupta

DSB-WP-2019-01-03 Relationship of Mindfulness, Mindful Consumption, and Life Satisfaction Sharad Gupta and Harsh Verma

DSB-WP-2019-01-02 The Cultural Context of GRCs – Indian Perspectives Ashok Bhattacharya and Manab Bose

DSB-WP-2019-01-01 Effect of Mindfulness meditation on Mindful Consumption & Life Satisfaction – An experiment Sharad Gupta and Harsh Verma

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