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Research Paper




Arora Neerja & Malik Garima

Examining Antecedents affecting Indian Consumers Adoption of Mobile Apps

Innovative Marketing Journal, Vol-16, Issue-3, Pages 1-15,2020

Arora Neerja, Malik Garima & Chawla Deepak

Factors affecting Consumer Adoption of Mobile Apps in NCR: A Qualitative Study

Global Business Review | Vol-21, Issue 1, 2020, Pages 176-196

Chaudhary Sanjay & Suri P K

Ranking the Factors Influencing e-Trading Usage in Agricultural Marketing

Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, 22(3), 233-249

Chaudhary Sanjay & Suri P K

Modelling the enablers of e-trading adoption in agricultural marketing: A TISM based analysis of eNAM

Vision: The Journal of Business Perspective | 25 (1)

Chaudhary Sanjay & Suri P K

Framework For Agricultural e-Trading Platform Adoption Using Neural Networks

International Journal of Information Technology | Issue-1

Chaudhary Sanjay & Suri P K

The impact of E-trading on wholesale prices of select agricultural commodities

Journal of the Social Sciences ,48 (3)

Gupta S & Verma Harsh V.

Mindfulness, mindful consumption, and life satisfaction

Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education,12(3). 456-74,Vol-12, Issue-3, Sep, 2019

Gupta Sahil & Gupta Sharad

Mindful Effect of User-Centered Design on Brand Image and Brand Equity

Journal of the Social Sciences,48(3). 3814-20, 2020, Scopus

Kishore Kamal & Bhardwaj Indira

Impact of Size of Bank on its Capital Adequacy Ratio an Empirical Study of Indian Public Sectors Banks

Oeconomia Copernicana, 12(4), 864-876

Kumar Pradeep & Sarin Gaurav

WELMSD – World Embedding and Language Model Based Sarcasm Detection

Online Information Review

Sharma Sarthak & Gupta Sharad

Dichotomy in brand claims: Focus on Breads in NCR Region

Online Information ReviewEmpirical Economics Letters,20 (3), 365-376, ABDC

Sarin, Gaurav

“An empirical study of key parameters that impact purchase decisions of consumers who use e-commerce websites for online shopping in India”

International Journal of Information Systems and Software Engineering for Big Companies

Srivastava Vinita & Thakur Rajiv Ranjan

Do Consumers’ Beliefs, Knowledge and Awareness Play an Important Role in Willingness to Adopt Pro-Environmental Behaviour?

Journal of Emerging Technologies and Business Management ,10(1), 9-35

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