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Interdisciplinary Workshops

At the workplace, apart from subject knowledge and skills, students are expected to come up with innovative solutions and exhibit rational thinking in their decision-making.  In order to promote holistic learning and broaden the perspective of the students, regular workshops are conducted on the following topics-

Workshop List

Creative Thinking

Harnessing imagination to generate unique ideas and perspectives. Encourages out-of-the-box thinking, flexibility, and originality in problem-solving.

Design Thinking

A systematic approach to addressing complex problems. It involves empathy, experimentation, and iterative learning to arrive at innovative solutions, focusing on user-centric designs.

Critical Thinking

A skill set encouraging logical, analytical, and objective evaluation of information to make well-informed decisions. Emphasizes problem-solving, data interpretation, and evidence-based reasoning.

Time Management & Destressing Techniques

Strategies to improve efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance. It includes time management tactics and techniques to mitigate stress for enhanced performance.

True Human Values & Work Ethics

An exploration into core human values and their role in fostering a positive and ethical work environment. Promotes integrity, responsibility, and respect in professional settings.

Life Skills & Work ethics

A module focusing on developing essential life skills and instilling strong work ethics. Enhances interpersonal skills, decision-making, and ethical conduct at the workplace.

Industry 5.0

An introduction to the future of industries characterized by human-robot collaboration. It provides insights into smart technologies, automation, and human-centric workplaces.

Indian Philosophy & Management

A unique blend of traditional Indian philosophies with modern management principles. It emphasizes values like mindfulness, holistic development, and sustainable practices in business operations.

Industry 4.0

An introduction to the advanced integration of digital technologies, such as AI, IoT, and automation, into manufacturing processes, enabling smart factories with interconnected systems for improved efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Upcoming Events

Universal Human Values

Creative & Critical Thinking

Indian Philosophy & Management Principles

Design Thinking

Industry 4.0 Implications for Business

Industry 5.0 Implications for Business

Geo-Politics and Implications for Global Business

Corporate Goverance and Ethics

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