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Manifesting Intellectual Growth with Wisdom and Purpose

At DSB, we shape future change makers who are ambitious yet value-driven. We foster in them an integrated view of tomorrow’s challenges. With a deep sense of commitment to the larger community, they are prepared to lead with courage and competence.


To emerge as one of the aspiring business schools in the country providing quality management education and foundation for life transformation.


To provide relevant and contemporary knowledge and skills for career building across sectors in the society.
To provide an enabling and learning environment with the right blend of values and transformation skills.
To equip students with entrepreneurial, innovative and global mindset, relevant across functions, industries and different sections of society.
To sensitize students of the challenges of the globe-social, environmental, ethical dimensions and to prepare them for creating sustainability on earth.

Core Values

A progressive institute at heart, DSB is mindful of delivering a complete educational experience. And the key to this dynamism lies in our insistence upon Swami Vivekananda’s ideals. Our every move is directed towards the clear objective of “Character and Nation Building” as envisaged by Swamiji – the master pathfinder and intellectual genius of our times. Our core values are built around the pillars of


being morally grounded in all that’s done.

Responsible Citizenshiop

utilizing individual capacity for the wholesome growth of the community.

Professional Brilliance 

attaining excellence at work and beyond.

Programme Education Objectives (PEO)

Programme Education Objectives
Programme Outcomes

Programme Outcomes (PO)

Align your Potential with a Real Purpose

At DSB, our founding philosophies help you look at challenges as opportunities to learn and evolve. So along with you, we:

Learn to soak in the best of knowledge and practices

Question the customary and look beyond the obvious

Reimagine situations, challenges and opportunities

Redefine solutions with integrity and excellence

Create diverse scopes of achievements and service

Leverage the change with commitment and focus

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