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Mock GD

Our Mock Group Discussion (GD) sessions are carefully designed to sharpen our students’ ability to engage in thoughtful conversations and debates. We aim to simulate real-life business scenarios to closely reflect the rigorous conversations they might encounter in their professional journey. This safe and controlled environment allows our students to freely express their ideas, while developing and enhancing their persuasive and argumentative skills. The essence of collaboration is also instilled through these sessions, ensuring a well-rounded development.

Mock PI

Our Mock Personal Interview (PI) sessions are carefully designed to groom our students in the art of one-on-one conversations. These sessions reflect real-life interview scenarios, providing a safe and secure space for students to share their thoughts and perspectives, and hone their responses to tricky questions. Through this practice, they refine their self-presentation and interpersonal skills, critical for a successful interview. By participating in these mock PI sessions, they build the confidence to engage and connect in actual interview scenarios, developing their abilities to articulate ideas clearly and persuasively. 

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