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The current dynamic business environment globally has necessitated a sea-change in the concept of learning and consequent pedagogy in most of the Business Schools. Exploiting the human potential by building the right attitude and aptitude among the learners is the essence of the current learning landscape.

The new learning approach also instills in individuals the traits of empathy, patience and self-sacrifice, helping them to be an effective manager and driving higher performance among the workforce. It also catalyzes critical, creative and innovative thinking acumen of human brain, an apt skill required for the contemporary business environment.

Delhi School of Business fosters an environment of continuous learning within and outside the classrooms wherein thrust is on achieving greater perfection, creativity, higher thinking and decision-making abilities. Students are not only equipped with technical skills in the curriculum but also imparted with life skills for their own personal and professional development.  

We, at Delhi School of Business strive to produce well trained and educated managers, fit to dive into the corporate world with ease with a zeal for creating an impact on Business and Society, thereby  achieving the citadels of glory and success.

Prof. Sourindra Bhattacharjee
Prof. Sourindra Bhattacharjee

Director - Ph.D, IIM-Ahmedabad


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