The DSB Trading Challenge 2016 

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DSB Trading Challenge 2016 – FAQ

    • What is the DSB Trading Challenge (“DSB-TC”) all about?

The DSB-TC is an inter-college competition which involves participants’ use of real-life trading software, with access to Live Prices, Charts & News – to manage a portfolio of Global Financial Assets.

    • Who can participate ?

The contest is open to currently registered, undergraduate students, of colleges affiliated to recognised Universities (or other recognised institutes like IITs etc) in India.

    • Is there any entry fee? Do we have to invest any funds?

No, there is no entry fee. Teams do not have to invest any funds – the trading software will be used to fund the accounts with paper money – although everything else (News, Prices, Charts) will be real, reflecting actual market conditions.

  • What will the winners get?

The 1st / 2nd / 3rd teams will win Rs. 1.0 Lac / Rs. 0.618 Lac / Rs. 0.382 Lac, as prize money. Tax will be deducted at source, on these amounts, before it is paid to the teams.

  • Will we get a Certificate of Participation?

All participants will be given a Certificate of Participation, provided they complete the entire challenge including the formal result submission formalities.

  • What technology resources does one need to participate?

Teams need to have access to 1 PC / Laptop with a good quality internet connection and the latest versions of (Oracle) Java & Adobe Flash. Firefox is the preferred browser. OS can be either Windows, Linux or Apple. Please ensure that you register using a GMAIL account – not any other email service.

  • If I don’t know anything about Financial Assets or Global Financial Markets, does it make sense for me to participate?

Even if you feel you have inadequate knowledge of Financial Markets, it would make sense for you to participate, provided you have an INTEREST in / CURIOSITY about, Financial Markets – and are industrious. (see next Question)

  • Will DSB provide information / knowledge resources to help students learn more about Financial Assets / Global Financial Markets?

Post-Registration, DSB will provide information / knowledge resources to teach students a) about Global Financial Markets & the trading of Financial Assets and b) how to launch and operate the trading software to be used in the DSB-TC. Additionally, DSB Faculty will be available to conduct on-site information / training sessions on the DSB-TC in those colleges where there is demand for this from a sufficiently large number of student-participants.

  • What criteria will be used to decide the winners?

The specific criteria to be used to evaluate performance, will be declared in the post-Registration email. However, it will be a quantitative measure of ‘Risk-Adjusted Return’ rather than a measure of just Total Return. This balanced approach will ensure that teams do not aggressively put on huge positions just to maximize Returns, without an eye on Risk. DSB will provide the spreadsheet format for submitting performance results, along with the requisite formulae.

  • Who will judge the contest and How? How can we be sure that the judging will be fair and transparent?

The contest will be judged in a completely mechanical / mathematical manner – the winning team will have the highest ‘score’ on the quantitative measure of ‘Risk-Adjusted Return’ specified. Thus there is no subjective element in the evaluation once the measure of ‘Risk-Adjusted Return’ has been specified / accepted. This measure will also be one that is commonly understood by the asset management industry. DSB Finance faculty will specify the measure and identify the winner – but the process will be overseen by an independent panel of academicians and industry professionals.

  • What are the important dates in this contest?

The important dates in this contest are as follows:

  • 15-Feb-2016               DSB-TC Mailers/Posters are released
  • 17-Apr-2016               Registration closes
  • 20-Apr-2016               Trading Challenge Starts
  • 7-June-2016               Trading Challenge Ends
  • 12-June-2016             Result Submission Deadline
  • 30-June-2016             Trading Challenge Results announced
  • Is there any age limit?

No, there is no age limit – but participants need to be currently registered, undergraduate students, of colleges affiliated to recognised Universities in India.

  • How many members should each team have?

Each team should have 2 members (no more, no less). Both students must be from the same college.

  • Who do I contact for more information on this contest ?

You can contact Prof. Ram Sen at <rritwik@dsb.edu.in> or call DSB at 011-65020149/50

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