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MBA College in Delhi


Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Fintech)
Dual Specialization | 130 Credits

Course Structure

Courses & Credits

Core Course 36 108
 Ability Enhancement 1  9
Interdisciplinary 3 3
Summer Internship 3
Capstone 3
Total 40 130
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Inter-disciplinary Courses

DSB’s classrooms uphold inter-disciplinary learning with integrated coursework in the form of workshops. The workshops lead to your holistic development and chisel you into a better professional and human being.

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is oriented towards a research output from students under the guidance of faculty members. The desired outcome of a capstone project is a research paper that is eventually published. The Capstone Project is a collaborative research-based project on a comprehensive management problem or question of practical significance. Students will demonstrate their intellectual capabilities in discussing the chosen problem and produce a scholarly paper that reflects a deep understanding of the topic. The project will be spread across three trimesters starting trimester IV. Students should choose a topic as per their interest and competence or as per their desire to explore an unexplored area or to deepen their understanding of a particular management area. The Capstone Project is a valuable intellectual experience to demonstrate skills of creative thinking, critical reasoning, application of theory, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. This will help students to expand their focus from only acquiring knowledge to creating and learning knowledge.

Review 1 – Trimester IV

Review 2 – Trimester V

Final Review Trimester VI

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Industry Certification Courses*

To build your soft skills and professional ethics in a post-pandemic world.
  • Fundamentals of Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Actuarial Science
  • Key Technologies for Business by IBM
  • KPMG Six Sigma
  • NSE Financial Modeling
  • E&Y Business Analytics using R
  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Financial Analytics with Python

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