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The evolving landscape of management education has necessitated a shift in understanding of the concept of learning. Learning involves continuous and constant unlearning and relearning and thus the minds must be trained to constantly relearn and evolve.
Human minds have potential to create possibilities out of very difficult situations, provided they are equipped with the right attitude, required aptitude and willingness to perform. Understanding human drives that foster higher performance is the ultimate skill needed for managers in today’s workplace.
Emotional Intelligence equipped with empathy, patience and sense of service helps leaders prevail over their workforce. Development of creative and innovative minds with an ability to think critically and out of the box is the essence of efficacious management education.
Delhi School of Business strives to impart an optimal blend of perfection and innovative imperfection just fit to foster the conventional technical learning amalgamated with the creative and ingenious thinking ability. Students are a part of a learning ecosystem where learning is a continuous process inside and outside the classrooms.
Alfred North Whitehead once observed that “the secondhandedness of the learned world is the secret of its mediocrity.” Students at Delhi School of Business are trained to learn from their own first-hand experience supplemented with the theoretical facets of learning.
We at Delhi School of Business strive to create well educated managers, implementing management education in their real lives, continuously learning, to achieve the citadels of glory and success.
Prof. Indira Bhardwaj
Dr. Indira Bhardwaj

Director - MBA, Ph.D, AMU


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