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people anxious about artificial intelligence

Most people aren't anxious about artificial intelligence

The most prominent looming question on humanity today is, Can Artificial Intelligence (AI) take over most human jobs? The concern of being controlled and sidelined by AI has been there for decades but this concern is now a reality for many people out there as they have lost their jobs since machines have become more and more intelligent. A different perspective however leads us to conclude that the majority of people are still not anxious about AI as the anxiety about AI has taken the same place in people’s heads as climate anxiety. 

Everyone knows that something big will happen but no one is thinking about it much while trying to keep it in the back of their heads. Sometimes it is a natural tendency for some people to be anxious about changes, just like when people were not anxious about technological advancements taking over human jobs such as robots, computers, and the internet, most people are not anxious about AI either.

People who are not anxious have always been underrepresented in the media always. That is the way the media works. There were protests even for printing presses in fear of job losses for workers who make thousands of copies of single sheets by hand and for sewing machines that will take over women who knit. Every technological advancement has made some jobs obsolete, but they have also created jobs, but of a different type.

Since the launch of ChatGPT a few months ago, everyone is talking about how it can perform a wide range of tasks in almost no time, without complaining, while being cheaper and even outperforming humans in some tasks. Google also gave a response to ChatGPT in the form of Bard, and now a lot of people feel that programs that program themselves to mimic human communication and do a lot of other things will influence the immediate future of the world. Latest updates have indicated that ChatGPT can mimic emotions and relationships thanks to the extensive and rampant usage of the tool making it more intelligent every second.

People aren’t anxious about artificial intelligence because of which many job losses due to AI are probable, but new opportunities in the new world may greatly favor the new generation with a diverse variety of jobs.

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