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DSB Alumni Meet 2023

On the 16th of December 2023, Delhi School of Business witnessed a heartwarming reunion, where esteemed alumni, cherished faculty, and the vibrant current batch came together in a celebration of legacy and connection.

The spirit of Milan ’23 was one of reconnection and reminiscence, as alumni from across the years reunited to share stories, laughter, and experiences. It was a time to reflect on shared moments and to celebrate the bonds forged within the halls of our esteemed institution.

Amidst the laughter and camaraderie, Milan ’23 also served as a platform for fostering new connections and opportunities. Alumni and current students alike had the chance to exchange ideas, insights, and aspirations, enriching each other’s journeys and strengthening the bonds of the DSB community.

As we look back on Milan ’23, we are reminded of the timeless values and traditions that define the Delhi School of Business. It was more than just a reunion – it was a testament to the enduring spirit of our institution and the power of connection to shape our past, present, and future.

Relive the magic of Milan ’23 through our special highlights reel and join us as we continue to celebrate the legacy of excellence and camaraderie at Delhi School of Business.

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