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Dr. Bishnu Prasad Dash

Bishnu Prasad Dash is currently pursuing his Ph.D. journey, specializing in Operations Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, India. Having earned his B.Tech in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering from the National Institute of Advance Manufacturing and Technology in 2016, Bishnu comes with a practical edge from approximately four years of hands-on experience in both the manufacturing and education sectors.

Beyond the academic realm, Bishnu has contributed to the scholarly landscape with published papers in reputable international journals, including IJPR (International Journal of Production Research) and TQM (Total Quality Management). His research interests span operations management, operations research, supply chain management, risk modelling, additive manufacturing, and smart manufacturing technology.

With a curious mindset and insatiable hunger for learning, Bishnu Prasad Dash is navigating the complexities of Operations Management, combining theoretical insights with real-world applications. Outside the academic environment , Bishnu’s interests extend to the football field, where he finds joy in playing the sport. During his leisure time, he also indulges in mountain trips, embracing the serenity and adventure that the mountains offer.

Dr. Bishnu Prasad Dash

Pursuing Ph.D.(OM) ,IIM Ranchi,


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