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Delhi School of Business, advantages of joining Best MBA College in Delhi

Where is the best private PGDM college in Delhi located?

Delhi School of Business is the best PGDM equivalent MBA college in Delhi and enjoys the locational advantage as it is situated in the heart of Delhi. Among other B-schools in Delhi, only this institute is situated near 3 metro stations; Haiderpur (Yellow Line), Pitampura (Red Line) and Shalimar Bagh (Pink Line). New Delhi Railway Station is the closest rail route station found 25 km away from the college. The college is located on the outer ring road, Pitampura, which makes it easier for the students to reach college, unlike other PGDM colleges that are far away from the main road in an isolated location. Management students studying for their degree/diploma need to save their travel time to focus on their studies and with Delhi School of Business, it just becomes easier for the students.  

The college is carbon neutral and runs on clean renewable energy. There is a Center for Sustainable Development in the college and various sustainability initiatives are taken, for example, there is a water treatment plant, solar power plant, rainwater harvesting plant and green energy equipment the college. The infrastructure consists of centralized air conditioners, Wi-Fi enabled campus, a digital canteen, smart classrooms, a finance lab, a meditation room, etc. The infrastructure facilities at DSB are extensive and advanced. The green campus of Delhi School of Business is the best choice if you are looking for a great management college in Delhi offering a postgraduation degree/diploma. No other private college comes close to the advanced facilities, and experiential and practical learning provided by an institute situated at a prime location in Delhi. 

DSB classrooms support inter-curriculum learning with integrated coursework. From project-based to peer-learning and competency-based industry-recognized courses, it’s the starting point for challenging the status quo, exploring the nuances of hot topics, and inventing new things every day. The students are taught not only by professors from all over the country but also by real professionals who are facilitators. Top industry leaders and DSB graduates provide insights into the industry of your choice and help you gain a thorough understanding of the business.

College Accreditation and Learning on Campus

Delhi School of Business is AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) is a body, responsible for accrediting all postgraduate programmes, under specific categories of technology for Indian institutions. It is a body, responsible for accrediting all postgraduate programmes, under specific categories of technology for Indian institutions. NBA (National Board of Accreditation) is a major body responsible for the accreditation of higher education institutions in India. It was established by AICTE for periodic assessments of technical institutions and programmes as per determined standards and principles as suggested by the council. The college is approved by both councils/boards and seeks to prepare students for tomorrow by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and mindset that will enable them to be successful in any pursuit they choose, as well as supporting and developing them to become outstanding people who are ready for the business world. If a college or higher education institution is accredited, it means it has a high-quality infrastructure and qualified faculty. Graduating from a top NBA accredited college will help you gain higher recognition from employers and organizations for job and research opportunities. Furthermore, graduating from a top-tier one accredited college boosts your chances of landing a campus job by a factor of ten.

The management school teaches and demonstrates all aspects of executive management. Specialization in various business fields is available. The management college has brilliant study halls, executive conference rooms, behavioural labs and communication and computer facilities. The school has great infrastructure and projector lapse classes. The personnel are extremely supportive as they focus not only on our studies but also on preparing and improving students’ abilities. On campus, students are trained for the Global Financial Market within an integrated set-up for those looking to foray into trading, research and risk management roles. In Business Analytics, students are trained to perform data-driven decision-making – a critical skill set in today’s fast-changing business ecosystem. 

Rich and Diverse College Culture

At college, it’s more about a powerful culture and study than it is about standard practices for a business. Future management trailblazers ought to be versatile and very much planned in today’s business world, where endeavours are re-evaluating conceivable outcomes. They should be ready from the very first moment to flourish in the shadows. Students are offered the chance to learn and develop skills that they will need to work in the ongoing requirement for a solid corporate work environment. Therefore, as an organization, the focus is on student self-improvement over everything else during the 2-year PGDM equivalent MBA programme.

The business school provides various events, webinars and activities to help the students to upgrade their skill sets, providing them with knowledge about the world of business and how to excel in it. Many interactive sessions take place and classroom study is kept interactive so that the students improve upon their communication skills, analytical thinking and reasoning ability under the guidance of an excellent faculty who go beyond the classroom studies to shape and nurture the young management aspirants to become a connoisseur of business. Academic expertise from IIMs and rich corporate backgrounds and affiliations with some of the most prestigious global organizations teach at Delhi School of Business. 

Student-driven Clubs

Apart from the classroom studies, webinars, and interactive sessions, there are many student-driven clubs on the campus. These clubs are: 

  • DAIVYA– The DAIVYA Club at Delhi Business School is committed to a better future. It builds trust, motivates and encourages people to bring a change in society. Their goal is to bring peace, improve the learning experience, and represent those who cannot express themselves.
  • PRATYAKSH– The Entrepreneurship group at Delhi Business School. It motivates you to pursue your entrepreneurial career. There are suggestions for recognizing and using opportunities and promoting entrepreneurial behaviour with an entrepreneurial spirit. It aims to create a high level of self-confidence by hosting various inter-university and in-university events.
  • INVICTUS– The data analysis group at Delhi Business School. Their goal is to analyze and visualize the world in a more meaningful way. It provides all industry sectors with the latest data analysis skills and tools, providing the opportunity to network with industry professionals.
  • FYNAMICS– The Financial and Economics Club of Delhi Business School aims to bridge the gap between industry expectations and the student knowledge base.
  • MARKX– Marketing Club of Delhi Business School. It works on the basic principle that marketing is a religion. The purpose is to motivate students to develop marketing skills. It works according to the mantra “Preaching and Practical Marketing”. MarkX helps you understand the challenges of marketing. Improve your students’ marketing skills by hosting different events, practising different aspects of sales, marketing and advertising, and understanding different marketing strategies.
  • EKAY– The HR club at Delhi Business School. The purpose is to attract students who are interested in the field of human resource management and want to develop and expand their skills. Clubs help you acquire the interpersonal skills you need in HRM’s corporate arena. The club also helps students develop their talents and skills with the spirit and motivation of the team.
  • CIMA-The Center for Media Integrated Activity
  • EKAGRA– The Culture Club at Delhi Business School wants to keep its creative side alive and help discover hidden artistic talent. The goals of this group are to Promote heartfelt artistic expression and increase cultural awareness and sensitivity to it.

All about campus Placement and Training 

College placements are the primary spot where students get a top to bottom look into the corporate world. They also get a clear picture of the career they wish to pursue. Associating with industry experts is important and therefore, the placement cell at DSB ensures that the leading organizations come for the campus placement drives.

Tending to the lifestyle and advancement story of the organization, the college in Delhi trains you with the best of industry experience, academic resources and professional potential working lifestyle. Delhi School of Business is among the prominent private B-schools to guide and shape students for a worthwhile management career, the PGDM batch of 2022 has a 100% placement record with the industry’s leading recruiters like Deloitte, EY, TCS, Nestle, MRF, Oracle, Johnsons, and Accenture and so on showing up on campus. DSB’s MBA course offers an extensive variety of Ability Enhancement Courses offer students the degree to fabricate their soft skills, analytical abilities, and professional ethics in a post-pandemic world. 

DSB’s Alumni Network

The best role models for students are alumni. The alumni of the college are often very well suited to provide practical support when students begin their careers. Alumni can often leverage the expertise of educational institutions in their professional life. The alumni network of the institute is home to established working professionals that are placed in a variety of industries, regions and ventures. It represents the story of the college culture and growth, giving the best experiences, career opportunities and intellectual resources in the industry. As the heart of this dedicated community, students interact with graduates through numerous events and webinars.

Statistics of the alumni network of Delhi School Of Business:

  • Over 450 Alumni Networks in India and around the world.
  • Over 350 graduates at intermediate and advanced levels. 
  • Over 100 entrepreneurs and startup leaders around the world.

Global Immersion Program at Delhi School of Business

The Student Exchange Program allows students to learn about the economic, political, and cultural aspects of business in many parts of the world. During the exchange program, students interact with experts from different nations, meet new people, learn how to succeed at an international level and exchange ideas with corporate and government leaders from around the globe. Going abroad for studies will permit you to encounter various cultures, societies and points of view, including new practices and cultures. Learning a new culture, interacting with people globally and acquiring knowledge about how work is done in other countries. This is an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and experience a new environment. 

With this immersion exchange program, students have the opportunity to visit partner universities in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia. Students put their leadership skills to the test as well as gain a deeper grasp of a particular business area, which will aid in the development of future job roles. This is a fantastic opportunity for the students to improve their networking skills and get international exposure.

In addition to the fact that studying abroad is an extraordinary method for growing your viewpoint, it can improve the chance to help you to get employed in a leading firm. In a dynamic globalized world, an ever-increasing number of companies are searching for students with worldwide experience. The exchange programme allows you to immerse yourself in another culture, a new way of life, and a different educational system, all of which will help you develop a more welcoming and pleasant attitude toward others who are different from you.

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