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Flipkart introduced our students to ‘Flipkart Wired 7.0’, India’s most prestigious B-school competition  4th August, 2023. This event serves as a platform for the pursuit of perfection, innovation, and competitiveness among India’s brightest B-school minds. This event aims to invite students from all years of study across all B-Schools PAN India and some International Colleges too. Participants can engage in any or all 4 tracks – Business, HR, Supply Chain, and Product, and maximize ideas to solve the most relevant problems in the e-commerce ecosystem today.

Flipkart WiRED 7.0 is open to all students at all B-Schools PAN India, across all years of study (Batch of 2024, 2025) and specializations. This inclusive approach ensures that students from diverse backgrounds have the opportunity to showcase their talents and innovative ideas.

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