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PGDM is the new MBA of 2024

PGDM makes its students industry-ready!

The PGDM, or Post Graduate Diploma in Management, serves as a gateway to enhanced career prospects. In contrast to the more theoretical approach of an MBA, PGDM is a diploma course that emphasizes practical learning. While an MBA enhances theoretical knowledge, a PGDM adds significant value by preparing you to seamlessly enter the dynamic business sphere. This program fosters a hands-on approach, imparting essential soft and hard skills crucial for success in the business realm.

Did you know? 

Because PGDM programmes provide mentorship, industry exposure and grooming programs the recruiters tend to offer higher salary options than an MBA graduate. 

Is PGDM as a diploma course still credible?

Absolutely! A PGDM course holds the same standing as an MBA degree and, in fact, enhances the credibility of your qualifications. The PGDM certificate not only prepares students for prestigious management positions but also imparts comprehensive knowledge across various business functions, including marketing, finance, business analytics, and more. This program goes beyond job preparation, offering a holistic understanding of diverse aspects crucial for success in the corporate landscape.

How to choose the correct PGDM course?

When selecting a B-school for your PGDM, it’s crucial to consider several factors given that a full-time PGDM course is a significant investment in your career. Ensure that the college you opt for holds credible accreditations and favorable rankings. Delhi School of Business boasts accreditations from AICTE, NBA, AIU and memberships of AACSB, and AMDISA, positioning itself as the best B-school in India according to Business India and the third-best according to Outlook.

Given the dynamic nature of the business arena, it’s imperative to verify that the curriculum you are enrolling in is not only up-to-date but is also delivered by a faculty with substantial industry experience and insight. Explore further details about the syllabus and faculty at DSB to make an informed decision about your educational journey!

Did you know? MBA curriculum is usually devised by the university and is not revised until 3-7 years. Whereas a PGDM curriculum varies according to different private schools and is revised every industrial year to stay up-to-date with the coming changes in the business world. 

Need more convincing? Here are top 3 reasons why PGDM gives a larger than life experience!

  1. Add to your network of business leaders by working with top class business leaders. 
  2. Gain a global perspective by studying business on an international scale. 
  3. Increase your leadership capacity by being mentored by world-class business leaders. 

Delhi School of Business presents PGDM programs specializing in General Management and FinTech. Our commitment lies in delivering high-quality education facilitated by esteemed academicians and influential business leaders. The curriculum is meticulously crafted to cultivate critical thinking, innovation, and creativity among students, guiding them towards a future replete with success. Want to know more about why PGDM courses at DSB are better? Click here.

Enroll today at DSB and be a part of world class education.

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