Sourindra Bhattacharjee

Sourindra Bhattacharjee
Ph.D IIM, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Sourindra Bhattacharjee is a Fellow (doctorate) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad in 1996 and thereafter pursued a career in consulting. He has over with over 16 years experience working in research and practice in the policy, strategic and organizational consulting, especially in the financial sector. He has undertaken consulting assignments for a wide variety of multilateral and bilateral development agencies, including ADB, ODI, CIDA, UNDP, World Food Program, CGAP, CARE-India, Action Aid, Save the Children-Canada, etc. He has spearheaded the consulting division during his tenure at BASIX . Thereafter, he worked as a freelance consultant based in Delhi supporting organizations like ILFS, consulting firms and grass root organizations.

 In 2012, he joined Indian Institute of Management as an Associate Professor and has been engaged in teaching, consulting and research. He has taught in multifarious programs such as PGP in Agribusiness Management, Working Managers Program, One year Executive MBA, PGP in Sustainable Management. He has taught courses like Management Consulting, Environmental and Resource Economics, Agri-business project management, business sustainability. He has also taught doctoral level courses in environmental economics and policy. He has also taken up Management Development Programs and was associated with two consulting assignments. Two of his research papers are in pipeline.

 Experience and Accomplishments

His expertise ranges from liasioning with clients, including foreign consulting firms for bids, design and implementation of projects as well as conducting research studies. Prior to joining BASIX, he was a freelancer and worked several clients, including IIM Ahmedabad, Action Aid and BASIX. He has experience of not in India but also in South Asia and Pacific Region. He has spearheaded more the 40 consulting assignments in his career.

In expertise in finance stems from his research topic “Innovative and Non-Innovative Determinants of Viability of Rural Banking by Nationalised Commercial Banks” wherein he used both qualitative and quantitative techniques to investigate the influence of product and process innovations on the viability of banking in rural India. He has published three papers and five cases from his dissertation work. He was also associated with “Restructuring of Rural Finance Project in India” sponsored by the ADB, in which studied in detail the co-operative sector in five states and provided structural re-organization and other strategic advices for rejuvenating the co-operative financial sector .

Through his consulting work, Mr. Sourindra Bhattacharjee has developed his expertise on project finance, social cost benefit and also has been providing strategic advice to organizations. He also has been conducting sector studies in India and abroad. From his research as well as his subsequent consulting work, he has focused on both process and product innovations, which would have an impact on the organizational efficiency. He also has been providing advisory services at the design stages of new projects, including Human Resources Planning, Induction and Human Resource development.

In his teaching stint at IIM Lucknow, he has been able to develop more applied courses like management consulting, environmental and social cost analysis, agri-business innovation and used his vast practical experience into teaching.


Mr. Sourindra is a post graduate in agricultural economics and possesses a Fellow Program in Management (FPM- equivalent to Ph.D) degree from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), a premier management education institution in India and reputed internationally. He has also undergone a course in Certificate in Agri-Business Management from Cornell University, Ithaca, USA.

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