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PGDM gives you a competitive edge over MBA! Here’s how!

PGDM gives you a competitive edge over MBA! Here’s how! Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) is one of the leading courses for students looking for a career in business administration or commerce. From Marketing to Entrepreneurship, PGDM offers a … Read More

3rd Business Analytics Conclave held on 9th March 2024


We are delighted to announce the resounding success of our 3rd Business Conclave, held on March 9th 2024. It was a day filled with lively discussions, insightful perspectives, and invaluable networking opportunities. Our esteemed panelists brought their expertise to the … Read More

Greenwashing and how to spot it!


Greenwashing and how to spot it! Greenwashing is a tactic that makes the consumer believe that their products minimize environmental damage but real data suggests the contrary. This trick benefits companies as they can tap into the growing demand for … Read More

Fintech & Climate Change: How are they related?

Fintech and climate change

Fintech & Climate Change: How are they related? Fintech, or financial technology, encompasses any enterprise or business that leverages automation to provide financial services to its clientele. Although Fintech has recently gained significant traction, its roots can be traced back … Read More

Interim Budget 2024: Explained

Interim Budget 2024: Explained On February 1, India’s Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, delivered the Interim Budget 2024, marking a crucial milestone as the final budget before the impending general election. Given that it’s an election year, a full budget … Read More

PGDM is the new MBA of 2024


PGDM makes its students industry-ready! The PGDM, or Post Graduate Diploma in Management, serves as a gateway to enhanced career prospects. In contrast to the more theoretical approach of an MBA, PGDM is a diploma course that emphasizes practical learning. … Read More

Alumni Meet, Milan2023 held on 16th Dec 2023.

DSB Alumni Meet 2023 On the 16th of December 2023, Delhi School of Business witnessed a heartwarming reunion, where esteemed alumni, cherished faculty, and the vibrant current batch came together in a celebration of legacy and connection. The spirit of … Read More

Spark-UP 2023, a Pan India Business Idea Competition

Spark-UP 2023! Gratitude to everyone who made this event a spectacular success – from the visionary minds behind the business ideas to our esteemed industry mentors who fueled inspiration.We were honoured to have industry mentors like Sanjay Kapoor, an entrepreneur, … Read More

Moonlighting in Modern India: The Dual Employment Dilemma

Moonlighting in Modern India: The Dual Employment Dilemma

In the dynamic context of Indian employee-employer relations, “Moonlighting in India” has been successful in capturing the essence of a shifting work culture. Earlier, a single job was often enough to sustain an individual or even a family. However, as … Read More

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