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PGDM gives you a competitive edge over MBA

PGDM gives you a competitive edge over MBA! Here’s how!

PGDM gives you a competitive edge over MBA! Here’s how!

Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) is one of the leading courses for students looking for a career in business administration or commerce. From Marketing to Entrepreneurship, PGDM offers a multi-disciplinary approach that prepares you to tackle varied business landscapes in India and abroad. While both PGDM and MBA offer a very similar curriculum, PGDM is said to give you more exposure and an updated syllabus.

PGDM elevates your skills, personality, and knowledge!

Accredited by AIU universities like the Delhi School of Business, a PGDM degree holds the same value as an MBA when looking for a placement at an international level. Being an internationally recognized course, pursuing a PGDM, gives you extra credit to handle global markets. PGDM is not your regular MBA course. PGDM gives you a more enhanced approach to business leadership and management, making a student stand out. They get exposed to global perspectives and practices which give the student a competitive edge in the global job market. From soft skills to real-time exposure and even the practice of pedagogical tools, PGDM helps you have a cohesive education and experience in business administration, management, commerce, etc. 

Fact Note:

Because of its industry-oriented and practical approach, PGDM is highly valued over an MBA degree in local and global business arenas. 


PGDM offers an industry-ready curriculum

The curriculum is rigorous and thoroughly prepares its students even for cross-cultural businesses. To survive in today’s competitive environment, organizations need to work across countries and cultures. Whether you aspire to work overseas or in an organization that conducts a global business, a PGDM course increases your employability skills and gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates. Additionally, a PGDM course gives you a global perspective on aspects varying from Supply Chain to Marketing taking into account the cultural differences. It helps you discover the global threats, opportunities, and trends.

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