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Every 4 out of 5 Professionals are Open to New Job Through LinkedIn

Every 4 Out Of 5 Professionals Are Open To New Job Opportunities Through LinkedIn
Linkedin, the world’s largest professional networking site, lets professionals connect with hiring managers and even the CEOs of their dream companies. It is a virtual networking place where professionals are making their connections stronger and wider to land the job of their dreams.

A recent survey conducted by Linkedin India revealed that every 4 in 5 professionals are open to new opportunities and are actively looking for a new job in 2023. Indicating an increase of 56% since the last survey in 2022.

As the job market continues to evolve in India, it’s common for professionals to re-evaluate their career goals and plans to stay in demand and go along with the world’s ever-changing Job Market.

The pandemic started remote work on an entirely new scale. The concept existed earlier but was not accepted much by industries, till the pandemic introduced it as a solace, to ensure work was not constrained by geographical distances.


The ever-changing world of tech has given birth to Industry 5.0 where machines are connected and able to communicate with each other in real-time, allowing the automatic exchange of data and information, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable.

The rapid pace of this level of technological change, globalization, and economic uncertainty has created an environment where employees need to continually update their skill sets to remain competitive as upskilling can lead to increased job opportunities, higher salaries, and personal growth.

With increased work opportunities, younger professionals give high value to purpose-driven work, seeking out organizations that offer growth and development opportunities including better pay and benefits, work-life balance, and a desire for more challenging work.

As professionals are now open to new opportunities, it presents a unique challenge for employers to align with changed opportunities available for professionals, if they want to attract and retain top talent. Leading them to offer a clear growth trajectory, providing opportunities for skills development, and a workplace culture that is inclusive and supportive.

Amid the Lay-off trend, Linkedin also began a round of layoffs of around 5% workforce in response to recent job cuts made by parent company Microsoft. Many professionals who used to work for this employment networking platform have now updated their profile pictures to indicate the active search for a new job with the ‘open to work’ tagline.

While it can be daunting for professionals to consider leaving their current role at this time when there is an ongoing trend of layoffs, it’s important for them to prioritize their career growth and overall well-being over everything else.

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