First Year Student – Palak Dilori Batch 20-22

For me, Delhi School Of Business is a platform which helped me grow into a “better version of myself.”

By saying this, I don’t just mean it helped me grow in terms of my academics but also in my overall development. With some of the finest teachers and fellow mates, I was able to grow personally and academically. I really enjoy the Guest-Lectures arranged for us because they provided me with some deep insights which were really beneficial for me. Along with all this, there are so many clubs and societies which adds as a bonus to my knowledge and creativity and helps me to organize and be a part of some amazing and brainstorming activities. Though everything is virtual but the way our faculty teaches us I never felt that I am lacking in something. The amount of support and knowledge provided by the teachers is so immense and can’t be described in words. I will always be grateful to DSB and all the teachers who believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

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